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Spanish Language School in Playa del Carmen

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Learn Spanish in Mexico.- Discount for groups of students: 6 students ( 5 pay and one is free)

Contact us at info@spanishschoolinplaya.com

Spanish school Location : Calle 14 BIS entre Avenidas 15y 20, local 2A, 3 blocks from the 5th Avenue!

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Spanish language school in Playa del Carmen!

Discover the most beautiful beach in the world while learning Spanish in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Rivera.

'www.spanishschoolinplaya.com - Our Spanish Language School in Playa del carmen offers foreigners the opportunity to learn and study the Spanish language at the beach. We offer courses for various levels, from beginners to advances, as well as accommodation and housing options for foreigners.




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Come to Playa del Carmen, a beautiful Mexican town which used to be a fishers village just 15 years ago and has become the most beautiful and relaxing place in the Rivera Maya. Learn at the Spanish School House.

Every year, our language school receives hundreds of students from more than 100 nationalities who are interested in learning Spanish in our Spanish School in the Mayan Rivera, students learn the language, go to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, have fun and relax.

Learn Spanish in Mexico at our language school.

Mexico is the country with the most Spanish speakers in the world, almost 3 times as many Spanish native speakers as in Spain!

Playa del Carmen is rated as one of the safest cities in all America!

Our Spanish language school offers affordable prices, discounts for groups and long stays and its highly recognized by its quality. Our school is owned by Mexicans, which differs it from other schools which were established by foreigners.

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Spanish Language School in Playa del Carmen


Learn Spanish in the Mayan Rivera . Our courses offer the highest quality.Our teachers are selected after various rounds of interviews, which guarantees a very high quality.Playa del Carmen Spanish courses click here.


Our Spanish Language School offers housing alternatives to our students, from host families and hotels to apartments everything is covered . Housing in Playa del Carmen here.


Visiting pyramids, diving in cenotes, relaxing at the beach, partying, dancing and are just some of the fascinating activities that you will find in Playa del Carmen.

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We are a Spanish language school for foreigners in Playa del Carmen,
which offers housing for foreigners as well as the opportunity to study and learn Spanish near the beaches of the Rivera Maya. Our school offers courses for americans, italians, franch, swedish, finnish, canadian, norway, brazil, japanese, chinese and british students and covers 6 different levels, from beginners to intermediate to advanced, you can learn Spanish.Our school offers also housing options for foreigners in Playa del Carmen.